* Development concept
A no weld joint "Pairing Joint" was developed from a quite different conception
though a past joining structure was a welding type.
This new method is an epoch-making, mechanical collaboration system structure.
that has and connects the pile to the side with an outside ring as for the taper
* Feature of non-welding@coupling@joint
‡@Strength of the coupling is equal to the welding type.
‡AIt is possible to use it for all existing piles.
‡BThe enforcement management can be done easily,
and the term of works be shortened.
‡CThe influence of the weather is hardly received.
‡DIt is possible to use it also for the site of the fire strict prohibition.

* High reliability of non-welding@coupling joint that various examinations prove.
Flexure Test Shear strength Test
Axis pull examination@‚s‚…‚“‚” Shock examination Test
High functionality, safety, and economy where non-welding@coupling@joint is achieved.
High performance that goes out of flexible structure.

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