City space hour by hour transfigured with aim at the future.
It harmonizes with nature or more, and certain applies to the town
or more for our [NALUX] beautifully gently to the person or more.
Therefore, it works from wide view to a new research and development
of the PC Curtain Wall including the life of the dwelling environment
and man as a member of the partner of the city space creation
to say nothing of the pursuit of the functionality.
And, our product competes for the beauty here and there of the town
by various designs now.
Durability The rigidity is high and rust and corrosion are none at all.
Beautiful externals are kept.

Original of a thorough system of the quality control and high-level quality are kept, and excellent durability in which the explosion etc. done by the rust of flaking off of the crack and the tile and reinforced concretes do not happen either is demonstrated.

Enforcement exampleF
Orix Nisiki Building
Earthquake resistance The shake is delicately absorbed.
It is strong in the earthquake and prevents another part being damaged.

The shake is absorbed to the distortion of the building caused by the earthquake corresponding to smoothness.
The outside wall are prevented being damaged.
Workability It can do including pasting by the crane.
The field operation is more speedier.

Painting and the driving such as a tile, this stones, and new ceramics are completed at the factory.
An external work stand is able not to be needed on the site, and to do including pasting by the crane.
The exterior can be finished up extremely safely speedily.
Fireproof Concrete is more low-priced than another materials.
The waterproof property, sound insulating properties, adiabaticity, and the confidentiality are also easy.

Frightening it for the modern construction that is made to multistory and made overcrowdedness is a fire.
An irreplaceable life and the property are defended by excellent fireproof.
Enforcement exampleF
Tokyo Kasei University
Forming It corresponds to the design heart with individuality.
The world of variegated architectural beauty is woven. Suppression of uniform and industrial production design is liberated.

It is architectural material that can correspond to the design that enables the introduction of various surface technologies where the originality overflows.
Labor saving Construction attaches easily by the few people.
The manpower shortage of the construction industry is supplemented.

The accompanied manpower shortage is aging serious of the skill worker such as the formwork workers and the reinforcing-bar placer.
The PC curtain wall can attempt the reduction of incidence of architectural skilled person's field operation while it is short and supplements the skill worker because the site construction is easy.

Construction materials Sales
@Osaka branch



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